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All India Imports is an import co-operative founded with the purpose of bringing the unique craft traditions and products of India to the U.S.A. and beyond.  At All India Imports we seek to encourage a thoughtful self-conscious approach to material consumption by eliminating the anonymity of the typical shopping experience by connecting the consumer with the producer.  In this day of big box department stores we are at risk of losing our appreciation of craft artisanship and it's one of our goals to help reverse this trend.  

We also focus on social entrepreneurship in an effort to make a positive social and economic impact in India.  We do this by buying our products from small retailers, manufacturers and individual artisans so that those who create the goods we sell benefit directly from our purchases.  Ordinarily, artisans and small producers sell their products at wholesale to the existing local market.  With All India Imports they are able to sell directly to us above local market value.  

A final goal of All India Imports is to help fund the installation of solar panels in villages without power through our sister organization the The Solar Village Project.   The Solar Village Projects goal is simply to provide villages in need with enough electricity to perform simple tasks, such as lighting a classroom, and charging a cellphone.  All phases of these projects are implemented and overseen directly by our official non profit organizatoin The Solar Village Project, from the initial identification of project sites to construction and long term maintenance. 

At All India Imports we believe the key to success is not the highest possible profit margins, but the balance of profitability with the spirit of altruism.


All India Imports was founded by:
Joe Kselman: Washington D.C.   
Rahul Agrahari: Varanasi, Utter Pradesh 
Sunil Sharma: Bodh Gaya, Bihar
Begesh Rai: Mirik, West Bengal