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Gauterine project phase II

In the Fall of 2013 we successfully set up the village school in Gauterine with it's first computer system, utilizing power from the solar array we had installed on the previous trip.  In collaboration with World Possible we installed RACHEL Pi and Raspberry Pi computers with a large assortment of educational programs, videos, applications and games for the kids to play and learn with. Raspberry Pi computers are miniature, powerful and cost effective way to expose children to a technology that is everywhere in today's world but is often still out of reach for those in the lowest socioeconomic positions.  It is our hope that just as leap frog technologies like cell phones have become cheap and ubiquitous throughout rural India so will devices like the Raspberry Pi computers.  As part of our mission to provide power to villages, we will also continue to work with World Possible in order bring the educational benefits of new technologies to those most in need.  



Testing out the computers. 1 Raspberry Pi media XBMC media player, 1 Raspberry Pi Raspbien desktop computer, and 1 Rachel Pi system.  




Taking a look.



This is the Raspberry Pi mini computer.  Roughly the size of the credit card it's powerful enough to provide all the basic functions of a typical desktop computer from surfing the web to web browsing, playing games and watching videos.