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Gauterine Village Project



In Spring of 2013 All India Imports began implementing our first solar project in India. Located in the state of Bihar not far from Rajgir, a historical location associated with the Buddha,  Gauterine village was chosen because it played a major role in the initial inspiration that lead to the creation of All India Imports.  Sunil Sharma, one of our co-founders, decided to take me to his neighboring village of Gauterine, less than a mile away.  When we arrived the first thing I noticed was a total lack of electrical service of any kind.  As we walked towards the center of the village we came across the village school and inside the tiny concrete building were about 30 children studying.  I asked Sunil if the school had any power at all and when he replied that it did not, I started thinking.  It would be easy to install a small solar panel system capable of providing enough power to light up both the inside and the outside the school as well operate fans and provide outlets for charging cell phones and running other electronic devices.  We decided then and there this would be a part of our mission and started planning the first phase of the project, to bring power to the school as soon as possible. Over the next few months we made plans and a time table for completion and in May we successfully installed the solar array, completing phase one of the project. In the process we also took a GPS census of the entire village, counting the number of houses with their locations in order to design an optimal  system for every home in the village.The next phase of the project will bring power to all 60 homes in the village.

Joseph Kselman

Founding member of All India Imports



Sunil and I setting up the solar panel on the roof of the school.




A view from the roof of the school.  In the background are just a few of the homes we intend to supply with solar power in the next phase of the project.



Gauterine Village School











Many people from the village came out to lend a hand with the project.  From attaching the solar panel rack to the roof of the school to hanging the case work that holds all the wiring.  We couldn't have gotten the entire install done in one day without all their help.  Everyone ended up working well into the night in order to get the power on and when we finally flipped the switch for the first time this next picture was the reaction.





In the end the purpose of the projects implemented by All India Imports is simple, to give people power.     



This is a screen shot from Google Earth that has the G.P.S. location of every home in the village. This data will help us to design and build an ideal system for the entire village.